Z-Wave Alarm System

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Just been reading a blog about Home Automation, one of the articles mentioned installing a new alarm system. What caught my eye was that the solution uses Z-Wave and that they are aiming to integrate with various smart home systems.

Just in case it’s also of interest to others, I thought I share it. Take a look for your self. They are a UK focused company at the moment by the looks of it, they are also a young company so hopefully more progressive.

One advantage of Z-Wave is local control without cloud dependencies. Does this still work without Internet access? The integrations I saw listed & planned all require Internet access.

A thief just needs to disable Internet access to disable the system.

From how I read it, the system doesn’t need Internet access to work. But agree the integrations mentioned on their website are all cloud based.

I wonder if it’s possible to connect to the base unit from a Z-Wave controller attached to OH. Although as it’s likely to be a controller, is that possible?

That would depend on how close they adhere to the standard and if all the command classes used are supported in the binding.

Any information in that regard could be helpful to our developer. Sometimes it is in their manual.

We’ll have to wait and see if someone buy’s one of the systems. Time for a gofundme page. :grinning:

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Nothing in the manual indicates it can work with anything other that 2.4 GHZ wireless with battery backup in case of mains power failure.