Z-Wave and AEON AEOEZW062 Garage door controller integration


I’m quite new to using openHAB2 but I have already integrated Sonos and a couple of Z-Wave components successfully via AEON USB Stick connected to a Raspberry Pi.

The only Z-Wave component which is not working correctly is the AEON garage door controller ZW062 (see http://manuals.zwaveeurope.com/make.php?lang=en&type=&sku=AEOEZW062). The opener is recognized by openHAB2 and added as a thing. I get values concerning the garage door status, but I can neither open nor close the garage door. It is also not possible to disable the alarm prompt. I have tried Paper UI as well as HabMin for configuration.

Any idea how to proceed?

Regards, Dieter

…the firmware is version 1.11. It is not possible to change the configuration parameters. Paper UI shows “Error: 400 - Bad request” whenever I want to save changed parameters.

How have you configured the system? Is anything configured in text files, or are you trying to change item labels etc when you’re using simple mode? If so, then you can’t change item data in simple mode (personally, I wouldn’t recommend this) and the response in HABmin at least will be an error reporting that you can’t change unmanaged things (or something like that).

First, I have played with the demo files. Then I have defined my own .items and .sitemaps text-files and changed the package to standard in addons.cfg. But I don’t have any active entries concerning the garage opener.

I have changed the name and location of the ZW062 in paper UI. Habmin does not report an error when updating the configuration. Strangely it seems, that I have been able to update one value, now. The “opening alarm volume” has been changed from 8 to 1. I have tried to change two more values and habmin tells me that change is in progress, but the status hasn’t changed during the last 20 minutes.



I don’t know I understand what you mean by this.

That’s fine - what is your wakeup period set to? Normally it’s between 1 hour and 1 day, so it will take this time to update unless you manually wake up the device.

Concerning your first question (“I don’t know I understand what you mean by this.”)

-I have tried the following setting int the .items file, but i deactivated them, as they didn`t work.

/*Garage */
//Switch Garage “Garagentor” (Garten) {channel=“zwave:device:a06…:node6:switch_binary”}
//Number Garage_status “Status Gargentor” (Garten) {channel=“zwave:device:a06…:node6:barrier_state”}
//Switch zwave_device_a06…_node6_switch_binary “Garagentor” (Garten) {zwave=“6:command=switch_binary” }
//Contact zwave_device_a06…_node6_barrier_state “Garagentor Status” (Garten) {zwave=“6:command=sensor_binary” }

How do I change the wake-up time? Do I need to set a value “refresh=…” in the .things file? Or do you refer to the polling period in habmin, which currently has the default value 1800?

What version of openhab are you using? I thought OH2, but now I’m not so sure. All the item configurations you’re trying are to use are for OH1.

This is done in the UI - there should be an option to set wakeup period. Again, to do this you’ll need to manually the device up so the configuration can be transferred to the device.

Good news first. It seems to work now, even though I’m not sure why.

All I have changed was the “polling period” from 1800 to 60. I am able to close and open the garage door now using Paper UI. Some configuration settings in Habmin are still “in progress”. I’m unsure, if I should do a manual setup to change the wakeup period in Paper UI as suggested, now that the main functionality is working.

I am using OpenHab2 - what should the item configuration look like if the before mentioned are wrong? I also would like to assign “closed” to the sensor value 0 and “open” to 255.

@Chris: Big thanks for your support!!!

I’ve just realised that this device isn’t a battery device. So, I suspect that the reason you’re having trouble is that the device is nearly out of range of the controller? This would explain the intermittent behaviour and the fact that some configuration is still pending.

Do you think that’s possible, or is the door opener close to the controller?

Yes, I had the same idea. This is why I took the ZW062 and placed it close to the controller, yesterday. When I tried it this evening, it was working (I could hear the switch work in the controller). I took it out to the garage and it still worked. Yesterdays configuration however was not updated.

Paper UI however shows the updated values. Does Paper UI not report the status “in progress”?

Hey Guys

Any updates here?
Did you get the garage door controller to work?
May you provide your items?


Yes, it is working well in between. Items are as follows (ID has to be replaced with the number of your Z-Wave device):

/*Garage */
Switch Garage_door “Garagentor [%d %%]” (Garten) {channel=“zwave:device:(ID):node9:switch_binary”}
Contact Garage_status “Status Gargentor [MAP(de.map):%s]” (Garten) {channel=“zwave:device:(ID):node9:barrier_state”}

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I was thinking about adding the Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller to my OpenHAB based home automation, too.
You obviously already collected some experiences with this device…
What I was wondering is the following:

Apparently, the thing provides a channel of type binary_switch that you can trigger, and a second channel providing the barrier state.
If the binary switch only supports “On” and “Off”, how do you decide between an opening vs. closing command? Or do you have to trigger the binary_switch channel On, Off and On again, in order to invert the direction between opening and closing?

It is easy. ON opens, OFF closes, STOP stops; Barrier states are as follows:

0 = closed
252 = closing
254 = opening
255 = open

I’m a little bit confused… :thinking:
So the “binary_switch” channel basically isn’t binary?!
What does the item definition and the sitemap entry look like then?
I mean: At which point do you get a tri-state item / widget finally instead of a simple binary On/Off switch?