Z-Wave: Any option to add custom channels?

I have a ZME wall switch here that, additionally to single clicks, can send scenes by using double clicks. This commands are not provided by channels at the moment.

Is it possible to define custom channels if something is missing for a device? This also applies to any other device that is not part of the database, at the moment they are not usable at all, in contrast to OH1 where you can basically just use any device without a DB entry at all.

Previously, my item definition for the double clicks for the ZME switch were something like zwave:command=SCENE_ACTIVATION,scene=x,state=y

Would be gerat if such things could be defined as a custom channel somewhere.

You can easily add new devices to the database - one way or another, that is needed for OH2.

SCENE channels work differently in OH2, so you don’t need these options. Instead the channel will be provided with the scene number which normally corresponds to the button you press.

Sorry - this isn’t possible. OH2 works differently than OH1 - once channels are defined in the database, then they are available for all to use which should reduce all the “how do I configure my items questions”.

Hi Chris,

I noticed that the state of the device is broken in the DB at the moment, I tried fixing it by uploading the XML file, but somehow I don’t know how to solve “thingid contains invalid characters error” because I don’t see where I can define a thing ID at all? Also I’m unsure if the errors may be solved if it has been reviewed or if the error list is updated instantly after changing something.

We’re talking about this one by the way:




Okay I found it, the thing ID containted a _ that’s what was causing the error

Can you send me the XML please - I guess either there’s something wrong with it, or something, because the database hasn’t picked up on the information from it…

The reason that the XML didn’t load into that device is that the database sees another device with the same device type/id.


So, your device should be detected as this device? Is it correct - or are they the same device (I suspect they might be although they seem to have different numbers, but the description looks the same).

Indeed, you’re right, that is what OH displays.

Actually what I know is that my device is a ZME_05467, it’s the same device as the ZME_05457 but with a white color, not a beige one. These are the versions for Busch Jaeger.

As I can see, the ZME_05431 is the everlux version, I assume that the only difference is the switch cover itself to match the brand of a company.

I don’t know how you deal with this in general, I’d recommend deleting the duplicates and providing a list of devices in the description or something.

The cover can be detached easily so I assume that the Z-Wave module itself is 100% identical. Only pitfall here is that the module + the cover is mostly sold as a complete bundle, at least in online shops here in Germany. May be a reason for different ZME_xxxx models that share the same ID.

What I’ve tried to do in other places where this sort of thing exists is to remove the brand specific, or country specific, or whatever specific, part off the end. So, if for example we knew that for ZWave.me devices, the last two characters were the brand, we could change ZME_05431 to ZME_054xx (or even ZME_054 but in this case it might be confusing).

The question is if we can make this (or a similar) generalisation for ZWave.me devices?

I think no, searching on the http://manuals.zwaveeurope.com/ site for 054xxx reveals other strange mappings. For the Busch Jaeger version the single switches end with a 7, the dimmers 8 and the blind controls with 9. But then the everlux version that exists in the database should have a 7 at the end, too, but it doesn’t. My white version of my switch doesn’t have a manual there at all.

Really strange how they map the IDs…

That’s a pain - if only they’ve consulted us first ;).

Is there a good place to look at ‘all’ the devices they produce? I know it’s a lot, but maybe we can put together a summary and it might be easier to see what to do…

That aside, given that your device is detected, what problems do you have (ie going back to your initial problem). Is it just that the scene class needs to be managed differently than OH1 and if you use the new concept you’re sorted?

Exactly, if you say I can add it to the database that would be fine, but to be honest I just don’t know how to do that, I don’t want to break anything :slight_smile: Maybe you can point me to another device that already works correctly that way so I could see how to do it correctly?

I’ve just added it to this device -:


Normally, it should be added automatically when the XML is loaded, but scenes were added after many devices were added to the database so I guess that’s why it’s not here in this case…

I’d like to improve scene support at some stage, but it’s a case of working out how best to integrate it with the OH2 concepts…