Z-wave associations

I’ve been trying to associate a WallMote Quad on node 12 with a ZMNHDD Flush Dimmer Plus on node 13 using a RPi 3 and a RaZberry. I selected the WallMote association Button 4 basic and Button 4 multilevel to node 13 but this has not resulted in an association taking place. I have woken up the WallMote and it seems to have taken the association. What am I doing wrong please ?
I’m using the latest z-wave binding snapshot and the snapshot version of OpenHab


I could be mistaken, but I believe that direct group associations between a remote and a dimmer do not involve any Z-Wave controller (or OpenHAB).

That is true but I thought you used the controller, which is controlled by OpenHab to set the associations up ? I’m trying to do this so that openHab does the clever rule based stuff but associations actually turn lights on and off as going via OpenHab takes too long.

Something is not right with your Z-Wave network then. Perhaps “zombie nodes” or distance issues. Please look at " When things don’t go as planned" and post debug logs.

There is also a debug log viewer here.

Thanks Bruce
I’ve created a log file and had a look at it. It’s node 13 that is slow at the moment, but then that is the only z-wave light dimmer I have at present that is not controlled purely by a rule. All the others are actually used to turn radiator fans on and off or circulation pumps and I would not notice a delay in them. But the node 13 dimmer I just created a channel and activate by a switch from the Paper UI to keep it simple. Sometimes it’s almost instant, at others maybe 3 or 4 seconds (especially if you toggle on/off within 5 seconds or so)
Here’s a link to my log file if anyone can shed any light as to why it is a bit slow
Log File


And in case it help here is my z-wave mesh

Node 13 seems to be directly connected to the controller as is about 10m away from it physically with just a glass door in the line of sight

This was discussed some time ago. See here.

Thank Mark

I’ll play around with different associations and see where I get to.

Just to add I’ve been playing with the Qubino dimmer. I’ve found that so long as commands to it are separated by around 10 seconds it responds effectively instantly. If they are sent more frequently than that there is a significant pause before it responds. Maybe there is a function within it causing this to prevent rapid toggling. I’ve set all the dim rates etc to 0 so it’s not that.
Still haven’t managed to set up and association with the wallmote though.

When you talk about “commands to it” - are you talking about commands sent from OH to the device? If so, this is not related to associations, and it probably indicates there is some sort of timeout going on. Or, are you talking about pressing buttons on the device?

I’m talking about commands sent from OH.
I don’t have any switches in my house of the conventional type, they are just battery powered keyfobs of the X10/PLCBus variety. I was trying to get the Wallmote to work via associations so that I could switch to them instead but still be independent of the OH contoller except for rule based switching. So the idea is to eventually replace all my now obsolete PLCBus switches and dimmers which function directly from the keyfobs and replace them with Z-wave components, but to still have direct control via associations such that if I’m away and the controller crashes my wife can still turn on the lights.

Ok - apologies for the confusion. This has nothing to do with associations and I was looking at the title of the thread…

What does the debug log show - it should be clear why there is a 10 second delay for commands being sent from OH. This is not normal, and probably indicates a problem with some device on the network.

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I did upload a copy of the log. Should be available here Log File
I couldn’t see anything odd with it but then I’m no expert. As for the associations I’ve read that the Wallmote needs to be included as a secure device to allow associations to work but haven’t managed to try that yet.

So, just to clarify, you’re sending these commands from OH to node 13, correct?

If so, it looks fine to me - the average response time is 80ms -:

Messages Sent 85
Messages Timed Out 0 (0%)
Response Times 31 / 80 / 563

This shows that in this log there were 85 messages to node 13, of which the quickest response was 31ms, the average is 80ms, and the slowest was 563ms. No messages timed out.

The command seem to be working fine - the log below shows 2 commands sent quite quickly from OH and they are sent on to the device within a few 10s of milliseconds from when they are received by the binding.


If you have a specific log showing these 10 second delays, please can you point this out or provide a short log showing this specific issue?

Thanks Chris

  That's kind of what I saw so I wonder if the delay is in the

module itself and it has a function that stops repeated commands
being sent in a short space of time ? I could see why the
manufacturer might do that to protect the module.