[Z-wave binding] cooper wiring smart dimmer showing as unknown device

I’m running a raspberry pi with a husbzb-1. Everything is set up and running but one of my zwave light switches is coming up as an “unknown device”. I checked supported devices and it is listed rf9540 Cooper wiring smart dimmer. I have another aspire zwave device (smart outlet) which works fine. I’ve deleted and reconnected it several times with the same result. Is there something I need to do to get it to recognize the switch?

You can find information on the database, and how it correlates devices to the database here.

If you can’t work out the problem, you’ll need to provide more information such as the manufacturer ids (as per the link above) so someone else can do it for you.

Chris, so I’ve read through and it appears the device I am trying to add is listed but with the color code. So the Device listed if rf9534ws, my device is a rf9534sg (I thought it was a rf9540 but I was wrong) the last 2 letters are the color code of the device. Ws is a white switch sg is a grey. Should I create a new device or update this one? Functionally they are the same. I have the xml file for it but it seems the “add” button is not there. Possibly because I’m a new user. node2.xml (43.0 KB)

It seems this device has the device codes for your device, so your device should be recognised as RF9536. This is a reasonably new entry so you should make sure you are using a recent snapshot.

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Perfect, that worked.

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