Z-Wave binding fails to discover manufacturer / device ID / device type from device

I’ve used OpenHab (3.1.0 Stable) for some time but I only recently installed the Z-Wave binding and purchased a Z-Wave USB stick (Zooz ZST10 700 Series) and a wall mounted light dimmer (Inovelli Black LZW31).

The device includes as expected and appears in the OH inbox but is never fully discovered by the binding. The Name of the discovered device remains as Z-Wave Node 003 with no manufacturer or device information appended. When the XML file is created and appears in /var/lib/openhab/zwave for node 3, it has no valid information for manufacturer / device id / device type / version. If I use the UI and add the preliminarily discovered device as a thing, it shows as online with some basic parameters but no channels and no control.

If I instead manually define the zwave bridge and device things using a .things file and the LZW31 config, I then have channels and I can control the dimmer from OH, but receive no feedback on the device state, and I can’t adjust device parameters.

I also spun up a second server and installed latest OH snapshot (3.2.0 Build 2460), imported my OH config, and the behaviour is the same.

The log file linked below should have captured the auto discovery and init sequence of the already included device on my OH 3.1.0 instance.

Log file

Thanks for any assistance!

That is a Z-Wve Plus v2 (700 Series) stick not supported by the OH binding. The ZST10 stick will work and 700 series devices should work in compatibility mode.

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne that’s very helpful. Looking closer at the manufacturer’s info I can see that the ZST10 700 series controller uses “the latest” command class library, which must be a newer version than the binding supports. I’ll go back and do some shopping for a different stick and save this one for a future project.

The issue isn’t the command classes - these are not implemented in the controller (there is one exception) but are implemented in the binding. The issue is that the 700 series changed the serial API that is the interface used by the binding to talk to the controller. This means that a lot of the responses from the device are not interpreted by the binding.

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@chris thanks for clarifying. With the information Bruce provided, I found more info and have just been reading about the saga of the 700 series controller. I completely understand how difficult it becomes to develop a solution if they don’t publish the API for development.

Until they do, I’ve just ordered a UZB-3 reference design from digikey. Thank you for all the work you put into this project, I can’t wait to start using it.