Z-wave binding of GE12729 Dimmer switch

Does anyone know if the GE 12729 In-Wall dimmer switch is currently supported by the Zwave binding? I see a generic entry called dimmer.xml but I don’t know if it includes my switch. I bought these switches without realizing I needed to consult the db of supported devices first. Before I unbox these I wanted to see if they will be recognized.


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I have the GE 12729 In-Wall dimmer switch and I’m able to add the switch to my Z-wave network and get it to work for the most part. It does show a debug error in the Openhab z-wave log that the device is not in the database. The main thing I’m concerned about is being able to configure how the switch works locally and those configurations are visible in HABmin. Other GE switches have the configurations. Hopefully by adding the switch to the database, this switch will have configurations as well.

I don’t have a load on the switch. I’m basically using it as a remote for other z-wave lights that didn’t have switches. I have the dimmer switch configured as a Switch Item in Openhab to simplify things, but it takes tapping down on the switch twice to turn off the lights. Not exactly the behavior I want. Eventually, I’d like to take advantage of the dimming feature.

So you were able to add the switch but you can’t access the configurable parameters in HABmin?
I’m interested in using the dimmer functions and remote on and off. I was looking at the database entry ZW3003.xml and I think it may have the same parameters as our switch. http://shop.haworldonline.com/GE-Z-Wave-Rocker-Dimmer-Switch-Model-45612-ZW3003-11212.htm I think it’s just the new style look.


Yes, I was able to add the switch to my z-wave network and use it with the default configuration. The configuration can’t be adjusted without the device being in the z-wave database from what I can tell. Once it’s added, I plan to adjust it to the get the desired operation. Here is the configuration parameters the switch supports. Trying to add the device to the z-wave database here once I get write privileges.