Z-Wave Binding - Steinel 035402 MotionSwitch LED

I can’t help much since I do not have the device. Maybe someone else with the device will see this and respond. I can only suggest trying different options and seeing what works. It does seem to be complicated device

Actually, I see a binary switch channel in the DB. Link an item to that. I’m not sure the dimmer channel controls the light (from the logs).

I was going to mention that. Since the “heal” is not finishing (it appears to be a problem on several devices) command polling is disabled. Since I have no explanation for the heal problems, my suggestion is to disable the Heal on the controller UI page and restart OH, so you will have 5 lines on your powered nodes and command polling will work. I run without healing and do not have problems.

@chris Sorry to ping you. EDIT:nevermind, problem seems to have resolved itself

In reference to a) the openhab_log_test file a few posts above this and b) the Debug file embedded around post 14. This system is choking on the AssignSucReturnRoute[81]. The message is sent and then cancelled after the 2 seconds (correctly for a 255 controller message), but then a message is received after the timeout, but does not seem to get processed correctly. Have you seen anything like this or have any ideas?

Thank you again, Bob.
I also linked an Item to the switch3-Channel. My assumption is that this is the one push button from the device and that it should change when I press it. There I see the same issue as with all other channels. I don’t get the information of a status change to my openhab items.

Healing seems to have worked in the meantime (I guess over night), all my devices now have 5 lines again and the motionswitch has bidirectional lines as it should have.

Well this is good news. My speculation now is that controller must have been busy for all the time outs, but has cleared the backlog, so heals are working again

Actually I thought it might be light that goes on when motion is detected, but I was just guessing without having the device.