Z-Wave button / dimmer linking - How?

First posting and complete openHAB newbie here!

Running openHAB (current verison) on a RPI 4, have the installtion working fine with a Z-Stick and have added a Fibaro dimmer and 4-button remote.

Devices appear in Things. Dimmer appears in the “Control” tab and I can manually change light level.

What I can’t work out is how to link up the 4-button remote to control the dimmer (in this initial stage of playing around I want to set up 3 buttons for Off / 50% / On).

No amount of looking through the getting started guides or Googling has got me any closer to understanding the real basics.



You will need to create OH rules to connect the two.

When button A is pressed turn X lights off

This is not the syntax but to give you an idea of what you need to do.

Do some searching through the forums - you should find many examples to base your rule off of.

Squid :octopus:

Thats for the reply.

Where do I define rules, there’s no menu option that even looks close to this?

Every other HA software I’ve looked at has a UI where you define events/scenes and connect real world triggers (sometimes configured through a load of drop-downs, others drag-drop), but I can’t find anything like that in OH.

Are you saying I need to code script everything I want to do (not a problem, just need to understand how OH works)?

If it is scripting, where do I create the scripts and is there an IDE with some form of intellisense that helps you get it right?


There is the beta NGRE Next Generation Rule Engine interface but it is beta. This system still mainly uses text rules files fir maximum flexibility. The next major version OpenHAB 3 may have a UI for rule generation.

Adding to what Bruce mentioned above.

You create the rules in /ect/openhab2/rules

Use VSCode with the openhab extension installed.

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