Z-Wave canceled frames

currently my oh2 setup includes 5 Z-wave wall-plugs.
Two of them are grouped. Everytime the group switch has been triggered, the canceled frames count increases. After triggering a single switch, this won‘t happen. Seems the controller receives no ack after two ore more switches where triggered simultaneously and the messages will be retransmitted.
Is this a normal behavior in a z-wave network or is something wrong with my configuration?



What do you mean by “grouped” ? OH items in an OH group ? zwave devices in … well there does not really exist a zwave group feature.

right, oh items in a oh group

Commands to an OH group should result in individual (zwave) commands to each member device, each would need to be ack’ed, just like when you send separate commands.
What OH/binding version do you use ?
I suggest you take a zwave debug log and visualize it using Chris’ zwave log viewer to find out the difference and what message is cancelled and eventually why.

PS: next time give more infos upfront please.

You’re right, using Chris’s zwave log viewer I can see, there were sent individual commands to each device. Additionaly there was an ACK received for each sent command (see attached image). So for my point of view it looks normal.
I also can say, that everytime the loglevel for zwave-binding has been set to DEBUG, the canceled frame count won’t increase!? After setting the loglevel back to default, i can reproduce the issue.

My setup:
Raspberry Pi 3b+
openHAB 2.5.0.M1
binding-zwave - 2.5.0.M1
TZ68 Wall Plug

Many thanks for your help!