Z-Wave - Cannot include device after reset

Hi, I have one problematic sensative strip described here and I tried to fix it by removing it from the controller and trying a hard reset. Which I think I did like 15 times so far, but I cannot add device back to the controller, all information I got so far was “failed to include device”. When I try to do it by using only aeotec z-wave stick gen5 by clicking the button, I get red light which says it has failed to include it. I tried using zensys-tool but also got “failed to include device” type of message.
I put z-wave binding in debug and got the logs from two inclusion tryes, but I cannot get anything useful from them (log files attached)

z-wave log.txt (40.9 KB)
z-wave log2.txt (13.6 KB)

Anyone has any clues as to why device cannot be re-added, or how to fix it?

Have you tried excluding it again?

Yes, over 10 times both excluding and resetting

Some other things to try, that have helped me with stubborn devices (I don’t have a Sensativ Strip)… power cycle device, replace battery [edit: integrated battery… so these two aren’t relevant], move device close to the controller during inclusion. Is your controller set to Network Wide Inclusion (I think this is the default) [edit: log says you’re using NWI]? Of course, the device could have failed too.

I had something like this happen once where I could not include any device. At first I thought the device was at fault, but then I replaced it and couldn’t include the new device either. When I tried to include using zensys-tools I would get an exception, and using the stick by itself would similarly yeild a red light.

What finally fixed this issue for me was resetting the controller an re-inculding all of my devices.

Thanks for replies, device was working partially before exclusion, so I am still hoping it is some config somewhere, or some controller cache dont know… I am waiting for another of the same strips, if the new one works then I will return this as faulty, if none of them work I might as well reset the controller. I would really like not to do that, as number of devices is growing all the time and it is a pain in the back to include and configure them all over again, so I would rather not do that.
@5iver all good advice, device is on 2cm from controller when including, so only option left is to return the device, if I can figure out where I purchased it as its been a while.