Z-Wave: cannot set association in HABmin2

I received a new z-wave device and wanted to configured it using HABmin2 (0.0.15), but for some reason could not setup associations for this device. I successfully set configuration parameters, but for associations I failed. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but it seems HABmin does not make any REST request neither when changing from Non-member to Member nor when saving by pressing “Save” button.
I also noticed that changing association in one group changes setting for this node in all groups. Besides that for some devices it does not show proper association already configured, but for some it does.

In general it looks like this feature is broken. Can anybody help (@chris)?

I think at the moment, this is not working in HABmin2. Associations is the issue that I need to get resolved in order to provide an OH2 zwave binding…

That’s bad… I guess the only option is to use HABmin1? Can I have both versions?

I agree - this is why I’ve been holding off on the OH2 binding. This needs to be resolved first :frowning:

I think it should be possible to run both but I’m not sure I’ve tried this on OH2, so you’re probably in unchartered territory…

Actually I am talking about OH1.
I just installed back HABmin and everything is working well. And finally I set associations for this new device. :smile:

i have on my raspberry OH1 with habmin 1 and habmin2 and OH2 with habmin2 and experience the same behaviour you mentioned in habmin2.

I’m starting to move to OH2 and when I need to configure association, I stop OH2, start OH1 and use habmin1. Once it is configure I’m back to OH2.

Thanks for the confirmation.
AFAIK z-wave binding does not work in OH2, how did you manage to get it working?

I used the compatibility layer which allows to use bindings from OH1. So, I’m using the binding from OH1.

Exactly - the OH1ZWave binding works fine in OH2…

Thanks for the info, is OH2 stable enough to have it in “production” env? Or you just using OH2 for tests?

I think it’s pretty stable - at least for me it’s as stable as OH1… I don’t have a lot of rules, but I do have a large zwave network, and it works fine… There are some limitations (as per this thread, you can’t currently configure associations) but it’s working well IMHO.

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Thanks, apparently I must give it a try then. :smile: