Z-Wave Central Scene Notification: Sequence Number not checked

In the following screenshot the Central Scene Notification for is received one time with sequence 42 and 3 times with sequence 43:

What I did do: on my Fibaro Swipe (FGGC-001) I activated 2 times the scene 3; the second activation resulted in 3 Central Scene Notifications sequence 43. Not sure why that was received 3 times, maybe because of retransmissions.

Anyway, here is the problem: the rule for the scene activation triggered 3 times for sequence 43 instead of one time.

That’s how I read the Z-Wave Application Command Class Specification, version 14, section 4.22.3 Central Scene Notification Command:

The sequence number MUST be incremented each time a Central Scene Notification Command is
issued. The receiving device uses the sequence number to ignore duplicates

(this is aplicable also for V2 and V3 of Central Scene Command Class)

So the 2nd and the 3rd Central Scene Notification with sequence 43 should be ignored by the binding. Is my understanding correct?