[Z-Wave] Commands are not send to Z-Wave Device (ZW062 Garage Door Controller)

I try to trigger a switch in the control section of Paper UI.
The switch should open / close the garagedoor.

The Aeon Garage Door Controller is not triggerd and the console gives following error:

Item zwave_device_c6bcd2a7_node5_switch_binary updated: OFF
Ignoring update for zwave_device_c6bcd2a7_node5_switch_binary, because update was probably triggered through UI.

I tried a new created Item but the new item doesnt work either.
If I manully open / close the door i get the State of it so it seems openhab can recive but not send commands to the Z-Wave Device.

Openhab2 on Raspberry Pi 3, PaperUi and Habmin, Aeon Z-Wave Stick Gen5, 2* Aeon Garage Door Controller