z-Wave controller and ZCOMBO -G smoke alarm

I am using an AEOTEC 5 USB device as controller. It appears to be working.
This is my Thing

UID: zwave:serial_zstick:8fac58dd03
label: Z-Wave Serial Controller
thingTypeUID: zwave:serial_zstick
controller_softreset: false
security_networkkey: 77 B8 47 F6 40 F3 36 1D 7D FD D0 07 C5 56 66 4C
security_inclusionmode: 2
controller_sisnode: 1
controller_sync: false
controller_master: true
inclusion_mode: 2
port: /dev/ttyACM0
controller_wakeupperiod: 3600
controller_exclude: false
heal_time: 18
controller_inclusiontimeout: 30
controller_hardreset: false

I added a ZCOMBO smoke alarm, it does show “online”
UID: zwave:device:8fac58dd03:node3
label: Z-Wave smoke detector
thingTypeUID: zwave:brk_zcombog_00_000
action_heal: true
config_1_2: 1500
wakeup_node: 0
wakeup_interval: 0
config_2_2: 1
config_3_1: 5
binding_pollperiod: 86400
node_id: 3
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:8fac58dd03

From the outside, all looks fine. No issues in the log. However, the smoke alarm never changes state, except if I write a rule and force a value in. I have searched for solutions but none of the ones I find address the problem…it is ONLINE but never raises any change in condition. Any suggestions as to how to find the root cause (which is most likely user error on my part!)
Thanks in advance.

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