Z-Wave controller keeps resetting with nrjavaserial 5.0.2 in OH3

Hey @wborn & maybe @chris as well:

Not sure if it warranted an issue on GitHub since it might be an issue with my setup.

I was just trying a custom-built Z-Wave binding with the latest 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT (#1861) and I’m having problems with it - it works for 5-10 seconds, the controller and nodes are online and operational, then suddenly the controller becomes offline, saying that the serial port doesn’t exist (anymore).
The first suspicious message I see in the debug logs for the Z-Wave binding is “Stopping ZWave network” all of a sudden:

So I suppose it’s called by:

I was working fine with an old distribution so after tweaking features to downgrade nrjavaserial to mvn:org.openhab/nrjavaserial/3.15.0.OH2, everything works reliably again, so I suppose something in the upgraded version causes the problem.

My question is: do you know if there’s a way to get some logging for nrjavaserial and figure out why this happens? I tried increasing the log level with the Karaf console but it doesn’t look like the bundle is logging anything.


It might be fixed by this PR:

There are bindings in OH3 now? Does that mean it is approaching usability?

Is the configuration text based or is the new UI included?

There have been working bindings with OH3 for months. I think it’s still best to only use it for testing and making it more stable. The text based configuration still works fine and the new UI is also included.

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Right, I’ll try building a new bundle with these changes then, thanks!

Looks like applying the PR did the trick, thanks!

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