Z-Wave Controller shows ONLINE, but he is not connected!?


I have a Raspi (OpenHABian) with a Aeotech Z-Wave stick:

In the first time, I have configrued the z-Wave stick in OpenHAB 2, also with the right port number.
OpenHAB show me, that the Thing (Z-Wave Controller) is ONLINE.

If I unpluged the USB Z-Wave Stick from my Raspi and refresh the browser with OpenHAB, it is still show me, that the Z-Wave controller is ONLINE, although the stick is unpluged!

How is that possible?
Where can I see, if the stick really pluged/online or unpluged/offline?

Thank you!

This is the “fault” of the Operating System (O/S) which reports the USB devices

in your O/S:
to “rescan” the USB ports and bring back to life a re-connected USB Z-Wave stick while the host is up: udevadm trigger
to show you the connected USB peripherals: lsusb -t

By the way: there is no real need to unplug the Z-Wave stick. You can include Z-Wave nodes using PaperUI Discovery. If the node is too far… ok you can remove, do the inclusion and bring back the stick to OH2.

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Thank’s. I have seen, that the device is now ttyACM1. Bevor, it was tty AMA0.
I have change the Serial Port and now it works again.
What can I do, that the Z-stick always get the same “Serial Port”?

In the documentation from the aeotec Z-Strick is written:
“To initiate Inclusion-Mode, unplug Z-Stick from the USB connector and then tap the Action Button. (The blue LED will blink slowly.)”

Is this not correct?
If no, how can I bring the aeotec Z-Wave Stick via PaperUI in the inclusion mode?

It is correct when you are using the USB stick in a system that cannot trigger the Inclusion.

OH2 can put the USB Stick in Inclusion/Exclusion mode by using:
a) PaperUI Discovery on the Z-Wave Binding (Inbox → Search for Things)
b) HABmin → Add new Thing wizard

There was a tutorial in the forum on how to make USB device names persistent but I can’t find it now… I will check again.

edit: I can’t find the forum thread, but Mr. Google comes up with alot of stuff, one of which is: Persistent names for usb-serial devices | HintShop :slight_smile: