Z wave controller with binary output


I am currently looking for a zwave device with a controllable binary output to attach a small relais to it.

Is the Fibraro fbs01 capable?

Here you can find the technical data.

2 potential-free outputs

Maximum current carrying capacity of outputs:

Maximum voltage at output contacts:
36V DC / 24V AC ±5%

Thanks a lot. Did anyone tried yet to run this device with battery supply?

As far as I understand the datasheet, the output are only amplified inputs.
So you can’t control the outputs directly. They have the same state as the inputs.

Condition of outputs OUT1 and OUT2 is dependent only on the condition of corresponding inputs, irrespective of parameter settings or adding the device to the Z-wave network

Sounds like that. Any alternatives?

Yes, doesn’t work: 9V battery was empty after two days.

What’s wrong with directly using a standard zwave relay like a FGS-222 ? Don’t want to switch 110/230V?
You can also attach an alternative power source to the FGS-222. It’ll switch that one to the load.

Yes i want to switch just 8V from my door opener and a looking for something with a DC supply maybe, there is no light switch nfor 230V AC nearby