Z-wave curtain found while scanning but without any channels

If I have understood this correctly, I can add the device to the db only after @chris added the manufacturer (0x045a) to the OH DB and he will do this only if they are listed in the zwave Alliance DB, right?

As long as Shenzhen ZVIDAR Technologies (0x45a) isn’t registered in the Z-Wave database, you cannot upload your XML file to the Z-Wave database.

The criteria for adding a new manufacturer to the Z-Wave database are up to @chris.

I figured zemismart may have been added as allowed to the OH zwave database over the past weekend, so I tried and added your XML to move this along.
OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database
I’ll leave it to you to add the missing information that you have been able to get from Judy. (such as any parameters, the association groups and manuals. After the errors are cleared mark “request review” on the first tab.

Thank you very much for that. Actually I didn’t get any information from Judy, I’m in touch with zemismart support over AliExpress. Hopefully they will deliver the necessary information.

Sorry, but obviously I didn’t understand what to do. I used “contact us” on the website and opened a ticket but that doesn’t seem to be the right way. Can anybody tell me what I should do?
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No idea

What I would do is fill in the zwave DB the best you can. (Scan manual that you have, etc.) to clear the errors and ask for review. It will then get included with at least the one channel that you can test and adjust if necessary.

Return it (lack of information and lack of support by the manufacturer).

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So @chris granted me write access, I updated the device and Chris approved it. Shouldn’t that be enough to find those channels while scanning? Or am I missing something?

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I read his message again an he wrote “I’ll take a look at the updates and get them exported”.
Is the export a missing step that makes the channels not to be found yet?

The export is one missing step. I see that the device has been merged into the binding, but not yet compiled (should happen soon). However, the problem you have is the updated jar only works on OH4.0. You have to have the binding with the new XML on your OH instance for the channel to appear.

One option is to copy the xml from the Zwave github and add it to your current jar along the lines of this post then update your binding using the documentation.

Another option would be to upgrade to OH4, then update the bundle when it is available on this site.

Hi Bob,
thank you for your help! What is the “right” way to do it? I would prefer to upgrade to OH4 but I didn’t find instructions to do so. :confused:
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Hard to say as it depends on what bindings and rule language you are using, but if you are just getting started and plan on expanding, going to 4.0 is the way to go. Are you using openhabian? Are you on a Debian 11 (Bullseye)? If yes, you can use the openhabian-config tool to upgrade to Java 17 and then switch your openhab related to “testing” from “stable”. It should pick up OH4.0M3

Yes, I’m using openhabian. I installed OpenJDK17 but is there a way to set it as default in the config tool?
And now my real problem:
I only found the option to install Release, Mileston, Snapshot. Where do I switch from stable to testing?

Release = stable
Milestone = testing
Snapshot = unstable

If you installed it openhabian probably made it the default. You can check on the command line
sudo update-alternatives --list java

@Wolfgang_S Thanks for the explanation

@apella12 OpenJDK seems to be installed and also set as default but since there is the error message and it is not set as default in openhabian-config so I’m a little unsure if it’s save to install milestone. I will create a backup, test and report back.

It worked. The channel is finally found but does not work. :frowning: I still have write access to the database but I have no clue what needs to be changed to make it work. :confused:

Provide a debug level log while trying to manually operate. It should provide a clue as to what channel needs to be added.

Edit: I thought this might happen, but without documentation it is hard to guess.

Edit2: I’m thinking blinds_control instead of dimmer

Hi Bob,

I thought I knew what you meant. I have set the log level to debug for the z-wave binding, operated the slider, but I don’t see anything in the openhab.log, so I assume that I didn’t understand it correctly.
What am I supposed to do? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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The slider in OH won’t work, I think. I meant use the remote that came with the device, or press a button/switch on the device to make it move in debug mode.