Z-Wave Database - FGRM222 - Roller Shutter

Hi Chris,

Just a quick query. I added the AU version of the FGRM222 Roller Shutter controller a while back but it does not appear to be in the OH2 binding?

Comes up as (010F:0302:3000:25.25) Unknown Device in Habmin.

Have I missed something in the database?



When I have a look at the db entry


I can’t find type:id 0302:3000 under “References (Type:Id)”. So that’s probably the reason why it’s still an unknown device.

That’s for the 22.22 firmware. I have 25.25 firmware.


Ah ok, didn’t see that one.

Well, it’s from 16/10/2016. Chris mentioned some problems with the automatic build of the binding at cloudbees recently. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s not yet integrated.

You are using the latest snapshot version of the binding?