Z-Wave database improvements

Continuing the discussion from Testing Z-Wave binding on openHAB-2:

@Heiko_Fanieng I thought I’d start this as a new thread in case people want to discuss…

Yes, best is to edit within the database. In the transfer from the OH1 database, some stuff isn’t optimised - most of the warnings in the database are related to longer than required descriptions…

As an example, in the database I have some checks that provide suggestions on improvements. These are mostly simple things, and I add to these checks as I find things that aren’t as nice as they should be. The idea is to have a consistent database which means that the user interface can present the device configuration consistently to the user…

So, the database provide this list of ‘notices’ like this -:

As I said, most of these are just formatting issues with parameter descriptions. The general concept for the use of fields is as follows -:

  • Label. This should be a quite short label. It must be displayable on a single line and can’t contain HTML.
  • Description: This is another single line field. It’s basically the first line of the help. In HABmin it’s displayed just under the entry box. Again, this shouldn’t contain HTML.
  • Overview: This is an HTML field which can contain nicely formatted text describing the information in more detail. It could contain detailed information on the parameter from the manual, and users could also add notes for suggested settings. In HABmin, if this information is provided, there’s a small ‘…’ button on the end of the Description line, and if you click this, there’s a popup that provides this ‘Overview’ information. The overview can’t contain any HTML, but it allows most basic elements and this should allow nicely presented information.

It’s not really important for now, and I hope as more people use the binding, and the OH2 user interfaces, that there will be more incentive to improve the data as we’ll all benefit (hopefully :wink:).

Just a hint: I have been in there a bit cleaning as well, and one thing I noticed is when cutting and pasting descriptions, some times the formatting that comes with the paste is not desired. The editor that @chris implemented for the text field has an option to remove formatting that is very handy. This changes the blob to plain text characters and lets the browser format them instead. My experience with doing this has been that the look of the description in the running binding is much cleaner and easier to read.

I have been through most of the entries in the database now that have simple things to fix. The biggest thing missing from most devices is the XML file. I skipped those devices that did not have XML files available. With the upload of the XML files, a lot more device database entries can be completed. If you don’t want to register and upload them yourself, attach them to this thread with the device model and I’ll work through them.

Thanks for this Jim.