Z-Wave database site updates

Over the past few months a few of the ZWave database maintainers have been working on a new database editor. The current editor was written nearly 5 years ago and while it has served the community reasonably well, was probably always a bit of a “clunky” interface and by todays standards, it is a bit slow and outdated (IMHO). For those not familiar with the database, it provides an editor to edit all the thing definitions and create the XML files for the ZWave binding - it can ingest files created by the binding by reading out device data, to actually create these in the first place. In all, we have around 1250 devices in the database - most of these contain the manuals etc, and we also automatically create the documentation you find in the OH docs from this.

So… We’re now in the position where the new system can be rolled out for some final testing to see if you can break it :slight_smile:

The new editor has been completely rewritten, and is on a new website so it’s not running at my house, and is designed to be more responsive and easier to use. Gone are the endless clicks from one page to the next when editing parameters or configuration - we’ve tried to integrate this into a more streamlined system where data is edited in a single page with pop-up dialogs for editing content like configuration parameters. Search is also a lot quicker and hopefully things are generally better all round…

There will of course be some differences, and no doubt I’ve missed something or broken something, so I wanted to have a few days at least of testing before we look to close down the old site and move over to the new. The new site will require re-registration - at least for now. I might migrate over users who have been given editing rights already such that they only need to recover their password to use the new editor.

Behind the scenes I’ve also improved the admin interfaces, and specifically there’s now a system in place that will directly deploy to the ZWave binding repository on GitHub so maintainers can easily deploy updates from the database into the binding. This eliminates the need for me to manually do the binding update which typically requires me to be at home to copy the files across. Hopefully this will make it easier to update the binding.

So, the new site is here. If you want to have a play, please feel free to register - you will automatically get editing rights, and you can edit whatever you like. The database contains the data from the live database from a week or two ago, and any changes will be removed, and the “real” database copied over when we go live, so don’t worry about breaking anything at the moment. Note that I’ve not copied over all the manuals and images yet, so these links will fail.

If you find any errors with how things work, then please open an issue on GitHub or discuss here. I plan to release parts of the site on GitHub once we’re in reasonable shape so that users can propose updates to the exporters to fix issues etc - on the old site these were poorly written and hacked together (by me :sunglasses:) - @Bruce_Osborne spent quite some time tidying my poor PHP into something that we can publish in case the community needs to make updates (thanks Bruce :+1:) .

Special thanks to @Bruce_Osborne and @Sihui for their help with this and also @5iver and @mhilbush for testing so far, and and the time put into maintaining the ZWave database for all users of the ZWave binding.


@chris ,
Took a quick look at the new site and it’s looking good!

I did want to report a quick error, it seems the attachments link may be incorrect. On the items I checked the files found under the Reference tab return a 404 error. Here’s an example link:

Thanks guys!

Thanks @bjsjr

Yes, well spotted, and I should have mentioned this point in the original post…

Currently I’ve not copied the attachments over from the old site, and I’ve not made the links point to the old site. I did a test a few weeks back with @Bruce_Osborne and as there are a few GB of files, it took a long time to transfer… Once we’re ready to switch over, I plan to shut the old site, copy everything over, and then open again on the new site so that everything is copied over.

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As a former web developer I suspected as much but thought it was better safe than sorry. :smiley:

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Took a very first glance and what irritated me straight away is that you can actually change the parameter number. Doing so will not change the other fields (they should update to match the new parameter, no?).
Maybe a dropdown list is the better choice here ?

And is there still the distinction with different firmware revisions ?

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Hmm - I’d not spotted that.

I tend to think it should be read-only. Even a dropdown is potentially problematic.

Can you explain? The device definitely defines the firmware versions and this is correctly handled in the binding.

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I just didn’t see a selection possibility. But that’s probably because the device I looked for has a single entry only to match all fw.

It’s the same as the current database - you can set the minimum and maximum firmware version for the entry -:

This is now set to read-only when editing.

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Nice work @chris! The site is much faster which already goes a long way in improving usability. Finding devices is also more intuitive now.

A few notes:

  • I tried to add a parameter for a device, but after saving the changes, it doesn’t show the new information. In this case, I added parameter 51 for https://opensmarthouse.org/zwavedatabase/1146. However, it’s not appearing.
  • Similar problem for adding parameter options, results wouldn’t save. Also, could not add more than 1 parameter option.
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Thanks. It looks like this is caused by the software I’m using changing some of the database parameters. I’ll sort this out shortly.

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Parameters and parameter options should now be working - thanks for testing and if you spot anything else, please shout.


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I’ve been getting a 502 Bad Gateway error over the last few hours.


I just got that on Chrome but incognito mode works ???

I have found browser caching troublesome lately.

I was getting it at work on Chrome and then on Firefox at home. Like you, incognito mode worked which told me it was most likely a cookie problem.

Sure enough, deleting the owa_s cookie fixed the problem.


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I’ve seen this myself, but it normally clears - I don’t see any errors in the server logs, but I’m not convinced there’s not some sort of issue in there so I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Tested working, thanks!

A few more comments to add:

  • Yes, I’ve been getting the 502 nginx error as well (Hope I didn’t break something, haha!)
  • Nice change removing the WYSIWYG from the field editors. Simplifies the process.
  • There should be a large, conspicuous heading or banner stating “the official Database for openHAB zwave” or something to that effect. The official docs for the zwave binding don’t link or even mention the cd-jackson site, so I found it very confusing. There is explanation on the site itself, but presently it’s buried pretty deep.

It is mentioned on the individual device pages & new ones will point to the new site. I worked on the processor for them :wink:

The old link at the bottom of the device summary page here is broken

Here is an example device with the links to the old site.


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OpenSmartHouse is providing the hosting to get the database out of Chris’ house. The old server s extremely overloaded and not scalable. Perhaps the OH documentation should acknowledge their contribution. :wink:

Yup. Also a very good idea. That way, people can be more aware of where help is needed.

I came to OH several years ago, but only started using the zwave binding about a year ago (was using mios bridge before). Even for someone like me who was experienced with OH, I found it hard to understand the relationship between OH, Chris, the zwave binding, community contributions, etc. I was able to figure it all out by digging through old posts, but it would have been helpful to have a simple explanation.

Perhaps a simple note to say something like the following would be helpful on the OH documentation?
Definition files for zwave devices rely on our community-maintained database. Hosting for this database is provided by opensmarthouse.org