Z-Wave database site updates

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Chris wrote both the Z-Wave & Zigbee bindings and they got accepted into the OH distribution directly. A little over a year ago when I decided to come to OH from Home Assistant, Chris was pivotal in getting me & my Z-wave devices working smoothly.

I was so impressed I spent 4 months auditing & updating the device database as appreciation for his work. he entrusted me with some large programming parts of this database website transition. I am glad for the experiences and his patient direction.


@chris does that sound reasonable? I just opened an Issue because we need to update the processing scripts anyway with the new links.

Yes, absolutely! You, Chris, shihui, and countless others have been huge in making sure zwave is working properly. Really appreciate everyone’s work!


I want to keep it generic - openHAB is not the only user base for this, although it is clearly the main one and the docs on the database site do mention OH and are clearly OH focussed. However, here is at least one other system using the database that is not derived at all from Eclipse SmartHome, but there are other systems that are derived from ESH. For me, the more the merrier as we (hopefully :wink: ) end up benefitting from a larger community of users with a higher quality data set.

Yes, they do in many places - maybe it’s not as prominent as it could be though and I’m happy to update this to make things clearer.

There is a section in the main doc -age on the database - this links to the database and is where I tried to explain the database function. Maybe this needs to be clearer -:

And each device page links to the database -:

There are a few other places as well, but I guess you get the picture :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m happy to make this clearer in the docs. Docs are one of those things - as I’ve posted above, I’ve tried to link to the database in a way I think is sensible, but everyone reads docs differently, and expects to find information in different places, so I’m more than happy for suggestions on improvements :slight_smile:

@roy_liao I appreciate your thoughts and comments :+1:


What is that link?
I see something different here.

Really? It looks exactly the same to me? This is exactly what I cut and pasted above :confused:.

Sorry, I did not click on the image.
The text does not mention cd-jackson.com but there are links going there.

No - it doesn’t - I didn’t feel the need to do this as I thought if people clicked the link they’d see that :wink: . I don’t mind making this more explicit if people want, but I’d probably wait until we move to the new site.

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When opening a manual or product image from the ‘Reference’-tab a new page is opened in a new browser tab with a 404 error (I am aware of the fact that these files are not copied over yet causing the error).

The 404 page has a ‘Back to Previous Page’-button. However, since the page was opened in a new browser tab, there is no previous page hence nothing happens when pressing the button. The 404 page also has a ‘Reload Page’-button which basically has no function either.

I think both buttons can be removed.

Hmmm - I’m not sure that I can remove buttons in the web browser can I? Maybe there’s a way that I don’t know about using javascript or something, but as this is basically just opening a page in a web browser I don’t want to complicate it by trying to modify the browser.

Maybe I’m missing something here though?

I think the buttons are on a custom 404 error page

You can do that is opening in the same tab. The issue is opening in a new tab.
Perhaps the button can use javascript to close the tab?

Ah - ok, I misunderstood. These are just the standard 404 pages. Yes, in this case the buttons don’t do anything - in other cases, they will though.

I don’t really want to spend too much time modifying the 404 page when ultimately the cause of the 404 is that I’ve not yet copied over the files. Once this is done the whole issue is kind of irrelevant since the 404s will be gone :wink:


So is this the intended result of a search?

I entered the model number of a Jasco/GE wall switch - “45709” and the following is the results page

It shows “0” devices found, yet shows details of what looks to be an unrelated device on the right.

Did I search wrong or is this a bug?

Squid :squid:

Please open an issue here.


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The results of the search are in the list below the search box - there is nothing there, so 0 devices is exactly the right number it seems :slight_smile:

The information on the right is updated when you run your mouse over a device in the list - it’s not updated if there’s nothing there.

I guess it could be cleared if the search term is updated, but otherwise this looks ok to me (at least it’s as I intended - if people think this works strangely then I can look at changing it).

I checked - there are no devices with a label etc of 45709, so I think the search was working fine.

The right box needs to be cleared then.

which is weird as I have 12 of them working in OH in my home…maybe it identifies as a different model?