Z-Wave database update mixup


I was trying to add a channel to change a configuration option in the Zwave database at https://www.cd-jackson.com/.
I wanted to be able to modify the parameter 26 in this device.

However after I did the change it looks as if it was this device that I changed.
At least this is the one I can request a review on and the Database History also points to this one.
However I can not see any change on the device and the device I wanted to modify shows the “The function of 3-way switch*” channel I was trying to add.

So is there a way I undo my change ?

Update. I tried to undo the change by deleting the channel I had added but now there are just two modifications in the history.

I cannot help but @sihui or @chris should be able to.

@Kennet, did you actually make changes to parameter 26? Hopefully, I didn’t make this worse, but I deleted the empty Channel in 133. There is still a strange warning though…

JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 314

This looks like something Chris will need to look at.

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I don’t think this should cause a problem. It can be caused if a user asks to be deleted, then their user name doesn’t get displayed somewhere, but it doesn’t impact anything.


At first I added parameter 26 then I delete the stuff again in an attempt to undo.
So yes and no.

Would you like it to be removed then? How can I help?

No I will just do the change again, no problem. The reason I posted was because I was very confused that my modifications was showing up for the wrong devices (and still is).
If you look at RF9540-N it says I updated that and the change was approved, but I never changed that device and this is not just because I changed it back.
So I guess I am just trying to say that I think there is a problem with the Z-Wave database logging/history and I think it might be related to having multiply browser tabs open when a device is modified.
But of cause @chris or @sihui may already be aware of this.

It is known that bad things can happen if you have multiple sessions open. I appreciate it’s not nice, but there is a new database UI coming soon that will significantly improve things, and should not have this issue (although I’ve not checked that yet :roll_eyes:).

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