Z-Wave Database

HI Chris,

Are all the items in the Z-Wave database included in the v1.9 and v2.0 z-wave bindings?

I have added an item to the database but it is not showing up in Habmin. The device is Wintop DHSZWDMIW01 - DHS Z-Wave Micro Dimmer.



No - unless someone asks I don’t add it to the 1.9 binding as it’s not automated so takes a little more work.

For the 2.0 binding, it’s basically automated, but I still need to go in and review any additions which I normally do every day or so. I don’t think I did an export yesterday, so if you added the device yesterday then it won’t have flowed through yet.


Ahhh, that would explain it! I added it a while ago and its approved but I was trying to use it on v1.9.

Also, I have an issue with a couple of devices that appear all ok in 1.9 but not in v2? Is this a know problem at all?


If devices appear in 1.9, but not in 2, then it probably means that the database doesnt have all the information required. In the 1.9 database, we only use the config parameters and associations. In the OH2 database, in order to get the channel information, we have more data. When I first created the OH2 database, I used the OH1 information, but until the extra information is added it won’t be published into the OH2 binding.

Generally the missing information is loaded automatically from the XML file that openHAB binding creates.

So I can just upload the XML file from OH1 to the database to update it?

Yes - there is a ‘tools’ button in the top left of the screen when you’re on the device summary page. Click this, and there’s a menu option “Update device” - this will give you a box where you can paste in the XML.

Hi Chris,

Any chance that you can add the Wintop DHSZWDMIW01 - DHS Z-Wave Micro Dimmer to the 1.9 database?



Can you create an issue in the OH1 issues list please - I’m travelling at the moment and I’ll likely loose the request if it’s just left in the forum.

I’ll try and add this tonight or tomorrow…

I just checked - this device actually has no configuration, so there’s nothing to add other than the name.

Thanks Chris. I will upload an XML file when I get home in a few days.

I don’t remember 100%, but I think the device doesn’t have any configuration parameters which means that there is no database information in OH1. I’ve added it to the product summary, so it should get named once I merge that, but unless someone finds further information about configuration parameters, I think that’s it…