Z-Wave Dev binding: Text for mesh update broken since version 20180304

I just noticed today in Habmin that the textutal information for a node mesh update completion is broken. Usually it used to show the node number and looked like this:

Now the text for every node is displayed like this:

The only major changes to my system in the last weeks were the upgrades to the new versions of the Z-Wave Dev binding. So I tried to step back to the old versions and found the problem started with 20180304 and later(reproducable). The brandnew 20180317 from today also has this problem. The last version with correct text display was 20180225.

@chris : Could you please have a look at that?


Yes - I’m aware of this issue - it was reported a week or so back after I refactored some code, so I know why it’s happened. I’ll take a look when I get a chance, but it was working ok here when I last checked.