Z-Wave device 10002041-13X support

Hi @chris,

I want to use 10002041-13X Z-Wave device, but it seems that the ID is different and doesn’t get recognised. The information that appears when shown is “Z-Wave Node 005 (0267:0009:0000:4.24)”. The device is labeled as “10002041-130”.

This device is already in the database so, is any other information required to add it to the database?

Thank you

Nothing else should be needed, unless the device has any functional differences with the existing database entry, in which case a new database entry would be needed. Can you please verify that the devices are functionally the same?

I’ll add the Type:Id of 0009:0000 to the database. But it likely will take a couple weeks for the binding to be updated.

Ok, the database is updated.

Thank you! So fast :grinning:

No problem. I’ll try to compile the binding by myself and test it with the new binding. Any tip of how to do it?

As soon as I get the binding with the new database, I’ll try it. The device manual seems the same as the one uploaded in the database, but I’ll check if there is any differences.

Thank you

No need to compile. You can take an existing zwave binding jar file, unzip it, manually edit the XML for your device, then rezip it.

:top: I’ll try it ASAP.

Note that if the binding was installed using PaperUI or addons.cfg, you need to uninstall it first. Then install the serial feature (bindings in addons do not have their dependencies automatically resolved), then put the edited binding jar in the addons directory.

I just found a small diference with teh database manual: Configuration 12 is not listed (the device is from 2006). I did my best to upload an image of the manual…

Manual page 1: https://imgur.com/N5PM6Mr
Manual page 2: https://imgur.com/8UIDM5a

I guess the device should be a different element in the database… @mhilbush l’ll wait for your response before checking the binding.

It looks like there are quite a few more config parameters in your device than what’s in the database. So, yes, I think this will require a new database entry.

The command classes look the same, so, if you want, you’re probably safe to try out the change you made.

To add a new database entry, you should request access to the database, then add the device, as described here. Once you add it, we’ll need to remove the type:id from the existing database entry.

Where is the database stored? I see “database update” commits in github binding, but not sure if the change you made is there.

I’ll follow the guide! Thank you

I just found that in the guide:

Most devices don’t use the firmware version, but some devices have different firmware versions with different features in the same device. The database handles this by introducing a new device and using a minimum and maximum version numbers that is applicable to the device.

NOTE : If you find that there is already a device in the database with the same Type and ID as the one you want to add, don’t just change them or add duplicates. Please flag this to me on the openHAB forum and we’ll try and work out how best to handle it - for example, the device might be a newer (or older!) version of a similar device with different firmware.

I think it mentions this case (two devices almost similar but firmware diferences), so not sure if it’s a good first example to start with the database by myself…

@chris hosts the database. From time to time, he exports the database into the XML files you see on GitHub. It then gets included with the binding when he builds a new version of the binding.

But your device has a different Type:ID than the one in the DB, and it has different functionality in terms of the config parameters. I expect it will require a new database entry. But, if you want to hold off for now, we can wait for @chris to provide some guidance.

If this device has different parameters then it will need a different database entry. It can be copied from another entry for starters (mark - I guess you know how to do this).

I won’t be able to do a database export until next weekend roughly.

Yeah, I can do that.

@apica Can you post the node.xml file from the userdata/zwave directory. It will be of the form

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There you have: network_d6e28880__node_5.xml (8.8 KB)

Thanks. Do you happen to have a PDF version of the manual? If so, could you please post it here?

Nop, just the image :frowning:

Any chance you could try to track one down? I need it to attach to the database entry.

Alternatively, can you scan the paper manual into a PDF?

@apica Here’s a link to the database entry. Please review and let me know of any corrections.


I can’t approve it until add the manual.