Z-wave device config

Hello folks

At the moment I prepare The New OH2 installation for my New house.
This includes about 100 z-Wave devices.
I’ve read that is not recommended to configure z-Wave devices with an items-File. Because its more comfortable and easier, I prefer file-based configuration. So I’d like to know The background of this recommendation .
Can anyone explain it for me?

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This only applies to textual thing configuration. Textual items file work well.

It’s just not implemented in the binding :slight_smile:
There was a short notice from Chris a while ago (can’t find it) that he is working on it, but I wouldn’t wait for that :slight_smile:

Edit: if you want to use the existing rules (and therefore existing item names) from openHAB1, the easiest way to migrate to openHAB2 for me was:

in HABmin let discover the “Things” automatically, you will get a thing name like zwave:device:158b44ebf65:node23, unfortunately the easiest way to find out that name is PaperUI:

then define you items and channel links like:

Switch FibUniSens1_1 "Motion Hallway down [%s]" <motion> channel="zwave:device:158b44ebf65:node23:sensor_binary1"}

Unfortunately, this did not work for my Fibaro rollershutter devices, because I needed the extra option “invert percentage” where I did not find a way to add that to the config via text file.
In this case I used automatic thing discovery, linked the channels via HABmin to my items and used the “old” item names before hitting the “save” button.

It’s already implemented in the current development binding…

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Hello @sihui, Hello @chris

Thank you for your input.
As my focus lies on the items configuration, I’m very glad to hear, that there is texual config possible.