Z-wave device create: Remove duplicate command

I am in the process of adding a new Wink Siren device to the z-wave device database (cd-Jackson.com) and encounter a validation error: I added a duplicate command class and have no idea how to remove the duplicate. Hope you guys can show me how
Thank you

You can’t remove stuff, but I will do this for you.

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Thanks Chris

Hi Chris,
I see you did remove the BASIC command but you moved the “good” one :slight_smile: the one is checked with Basic. One of the validation messages is that

" * Endpoint 0 has no command class linked to the basic class."

And I cannot update that flag. That was why I added the duplicated one :slight_smile: . Maybe you can fix that when approving the device entry

No - I removed the right one :wink: . It makes no sense to tick “treat as basic” on the basic command class.

For now ignore this message - if we work out what the real proxy is, then we can update later.

I see. Thanks for prompt response Chris
I have another issue with Wink door sensor. It is seen by the binding but the name does not contain the identifier tuples (like the siren does) and the binding does not write the node.xml to the zwave folder as it did with the siren (the xml is the one I would use to create the new device)
If I add the Wink door-window sensor manually, do you think it will be recognized?