Z-wave device is still not detected after it is added to the device database

Hello! Help me please! I have device WaterCop Z-Wave Electric Actuator Motor (ZWACT)


and I added it myself to the openhab z-wave database. I downloaded the last binding from here:


, but the device is still not detected. What could be the problem? Thank you

It isn’t just an issue of patience? How long have you waited? Are there any function for waking up the device and if so, have you tried it? Some devices takes a couple of wake-ups before they are fully synchronized. Mostly a problem with battery devices though, this is mains powered, right?

It isn’t battery deviсe. Waiting does not help.

Did you include it through OH, or by pressing the button on an Aeon zstick? If the latter, it may be having trouble communicating. I imagine the device is down in the basement, with HVAC ducts and water pipes above it. How many other mains powered devices do you have? If you haven’t already, try excluding and reincluding through OH, with the controller set to Network Wide Inclusion. This should help with routing. Another option is to use the development binding, which can perform a heal to help the controller rebuild routes. It’s hard to know what is going on without looking at the logs, so this is pretty much just a guess. It also looks like you are using PaperUI… Habmin is much better for zwave devices.

The device is close. The inclusion process looks like this :slight_smile:

What logs can I provide, so that it would be easier to understand the problem?

I think the problem is in the database. Because I filled it, and could make many mistakes. I already tried to delete the device and add it several times.

If I was troubleshooting it, I’d first look at a log of the zwave binding restarting while in debug mode, filtered on the device’s node. I’d probably also watch an exclusion and reinclusion (through OH, not the zstick), while filtering on the next node available, which is where it would show up. But if you haven’t already, try restarting the binding and it may come up.

I see you’ve made some updates to the device db. If they’re important, you’ll need to wait for them to be included in the next binding update.

@romiv This is a rebranded FortrezZ device, right? Should the manufacturer be 84 (hex). It looks like you entered 132 (which happens to be the decimal version of 0x84)?

Edit: Wait, I see you have 84 in the Type field. Can you double check all those values?

Edit2: Please also check for the existence of a node.xml file in the userdata/zwave directory.

Edit3: As a final thought, if you determine that the manufacturer is 84, I wonder if it would make sense to update the database entry for the FortrezZ WV-01

FWIW, I can’t think of a better device to add to a Z-Wave network. I have a water shutoff valve from another manufacturer. Of all the hundreds of dollars I spent of Z-Wave devices, this one really saved my butt when there was a leak in my basement. :wink:

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There may be a problem with the Type ID. I can not understand what value it should be. There are photos from the manual. The manufacturer is installed automatically. I chose him from the list.
What is ZWIW? I didn’t found it in google =)

I just wtited 0213, but the value was automatically changed to 0213:0000. This is ok?

Not sure.

Check for the node.xml file in userdata/zwave. The file will have the form network_NNNNNNNN_node_NN.xml. In this file, you will find the manufacturer, type, and ID of the device.

Exactly! Just thought about it)
In xml-file:

So I set the value Type:Id 0213:0214
Now I’m waiting for a fresh binding. Tomorrow I’ll tell you if it’s working. Thank you!

But in the version that was loaded to the binding it is 0084:0213. This is probably your problem - this has been entered incorrectly and you will now need to wait for it to be updated again?

From what you showed above, this should be 0213:0214. This should be updated in the database

Thank you, Chris. I corrected it. I am waiting a newer add-on version)

Don’t you also need to set the manufacturer to 84?

Set these values. According to Chris, it should be correct.
Although, about the manufacturer ID I am not sure. But I can not change it.

I will need to change this manually in SQL.

I guess this database entry was produced manually, and not by uploading the XML (which is why it’s not recommended :wink: ).

@chris Doesn’t this also beg the question whether the FortrezZ WV-01 entry should be updated with this type:id.


Although, I must admit, I’m not sure of the convention for how to handle rebranded devices, as well as whether there are any functional differences between this rebranded device and the other FortrezZ WV-01 devices…

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Yes, you are right - it’s the same device and we should add the type/id to the original database entry and delete the new entry.

It’s only rebranded in that there’s a different sticker on the side. As far as the binding knows, it is not rebranded as it has the Fortrez manufacturer ID.

My guess is there is no difference, but if there are, we would need to manage this through firmware versioning. The database fundamentally uses 4 numbers to determine a device type - the manufacturer ID, device type, device ID and firmware version…