Z-Wave Device not adding

I am get the following error
“Thing zwave:device:acca9fe6:node33 unable to be approved: Duplicate channels zwave:device:acca9fe6:node33:switch_dimmer”

when trying to add

In the Paper UI, click on the Thing and then , in the right pane, please click show properties.
Please post a screenshot.

We have 4 different entries for ZEN22 and I am trying to narrow down the issue.


He’s most likely using the entry here.

It has switch_dimmer defined twice for SWITCH_MULTILEVEL. @chris just fixed the ZEN24 for me last week and will probably need to do the same for this entry.

That was my guess too. The version 3 is the latest though. I wanted to verify first though.


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Do I have to delete/exclude it before it will add properly? I am still getting the same error.

Wait for the weekly (usually weekend) export to GitHub and then the snapshot binding built with those changes.
Manually install the snapshot binding.
Delete (NOT exclude from the network) and rediscover the Thing.
PROFIT !! :smiley:

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Are there updates to the 2.5 release? I was running on 2.5 without the error and then had a system failure and had to rebuilt the z-wave part and with the rebuild the switch became an issue. Or will have to change to the snapshot version?

2.5.1 has newer bindings, mainly and a way of updating addons without updating OH core which will remain at 2.5.0. I think 2.5.1 was released about 2 weeks ago.

Is there any timeframe for an update to the zwave binding for stable? I had to do a refresh on the system and clear cache. Once I did that now I have to zwave switch that will not add for duplicate channels

“Thing zwave:device:acca9fe6:node3 unable to be approved: Duplicate channels zwave:device:acca9fe6:node3:switch_dimmer”

I have include the xml files to make sure these will be updated in the new zwave binding.


network_ecc69542__node_3.xml (8.4 KB) network_ecc69542__node_33.xml (9.1 KB)

2.5.x releases are now just updated addons with the 2.5.0 core. When 2.5.1 was released they said releases were expected monthly.

2.5.1 was released on January 12.

Bruce - can you correct the issue that is causing the duplicate channel for the node 3 file?

it is


I do not likely have that much power. Let me take a look.

I added that entry last November and see no duplicate channels. Am I misunderstanding?


I removed them one minute ago :grinning:

The issue was on firmware version 20.15:



Ah. They said v3. That means we now wait for the weekly export and subsequent snapshot build.

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Is the snapshot build 2.5-X or is it 3.0?

We generally refer to 2.5.2 -SNAPSHOT. 3.0 is not yet functional.

Do you know if I can run zwave 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT with the 2.5.1 stable?

Yes. The install script helps too.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community