Z-wave device sttus Update

I have setup openHAB an install the z-wave binding. I Add a Wall plug from Greenwave and i can remote this by openHAB. However when i switch the Wall plug local, i dosn’t get any uptate in my openHAB system. Where is my mistake, i forgot something to configute?
I Use a Rasperry Pi3 with the last openhabian system and Razberry ZMEERAZ.

More detail needed… preferably a link to the device in the database.

Hi, its a Greenwave NP 310-F. (http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/102)
I think it’s look like the Controler dosn’t listening to the z-wave Network.
I have a simular problem with a POPP KFOB-C, the Controler dosn’t get any update from the z-wave.

You can control it through OH, but when you manually control it, the state is not updated in OH? Does it report anything (power, wheel position, etc.)?

Correct, it reporte nothing to openHAB.

Are the associations configured?

I set all 4 to “openHAB Controller”, however i dont know if this save correctly. After Save and reopen it, ther is nothing in the setting tab. Is there any tool to view the associations groups, or the only way is to open the thing properties?

I would check in Habmin, but they could also be found in the Things jsondb. If they are disappearing from PaperUI, then something sounds amiss. Are there any errors in the log (esp. for the zwave binding)? Which version of the binding are you using?

I see no error by changing the associations group in Habmin. Also i found no Error for binding. The inklution will work realy fast and without problems. I dont think its a problem with the defice. Today evening i can reinclude my KFOB-C and have a look to the log File. Currently i not @home so i only have remote access.

Make sure the logging for the binding is in debug (log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave)

Hi, i have log a little bit. When i turn the wheel on the wall plug, i get some update in the log, however when i push the power button, i don’t get anything.WallPlug

There are a few topics in the forum that may be useful to you:

Hi, thanks for the hint! I will try this out.