Z-Wave devices switch state reporting problem

I have a small Z-Wave testing network, devices close to each other, around 2 meters:

  • controller Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090-C)
  • Pan04-1B Relay
  • Qubino Flush 2 Relay ZMNHBD1
    Running on Debian + OH 2.0. This configuration is in this state already for few weeks, so it should be stable from Z-wave network point of view.

My problem is that everything works fine, apart from state reporting. When I press a physical button connected to a relay it changes circuit state, but do not report to OH. After some time (several minutes) state gets updated, but I suspect this is due to pooling. Same problem applied to both relays mentioned above. For each of them I had association configured, pointing switches or default reporting to “openhab controller”, when viewing this value in Habmin.

Because both switches behave in the same way, I suspec that I’m missing something and this is not a device bug. All devices are new ones, so as far as I understood from reading multiple threads, they should work.

I’ll appreciate any advice.

hi Adam,

did you ever got this problem fixed?


Hi @Matt77,
No really. I had no time recently to play with my OH instance and it is still in version 2.0. I’m going to update it and see how it will afterwards.