Z-wave dimmer (fibaro) doesn't show up with slider


I’m new to openhab. I installed everything just today. My setup is a RPI3 with RaZberry.
Currently I use the z-way binding. I’ve added a couple of Things, and I’m experiencing some problems with my fibaro dimmers.

Some of the dimmers show up on the control page with a slider to control the lights. Others show up as well, but no slider is present to adjust the dimming value. It just displays the current dimming value.

What can I do to change this? I can’t find any clues.


Hi and welcome to OpenHAB!

I’m going to make a few assumptions as you’ve not included details of your system and devices:

  • You are using Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212 devices to control lights.
  • Both the ‘spots’ and ‘hanglamp’ use identical Z-Wave devices for control.
  • You are using OpenHAB 2, and the PaperUI Control menu.
  • Both devices are configured IDENTICALLY in OpenHAB.

If the Z-Wave controlling devices are indeed identical, my guess is the loads (bulb type incandescent, fluorescent, LED) are different, and the FGD-212 has used the auto-calibration feature to configure one unit as dimmable, and the other as not dimmable - e.g. ON or OFF.

How can you check?

  • Easy way - turn the Fibaro FGD-212 on manually with the local switch. A dimmable load will slowly turn on with a short dim period, a non-dimmable load will turn on instantly.
  • Hard way - check FGD-212 parameter 33: Dimmability of the load (read only). Paper UI -> Left menu - Configuration - Things, select a FGD-212 Dimmer 2, Hit the blue circular pencil icon at the top to access ‘Configuration Parameters’, scroll down to 33 and see if is set to ‘Load recognized as dimmable’

My guess is your two different devices have auto-configured differently.

You can force the FGD-212 to calibrate again, which is useful if you try swapping bulb types. Use the above process to set parameter 13: Force auto-calibration.

Once you have the devices working, I’d suggest configuring a more user-friendly web interface such as creating a Site Map or installing the HABPanel User Interface. Both are much more friendly than PaperUI Control menu.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your anwser!

You assumptions are right, but I have more dimmers that also have the same load and they also don’t show up with the slider.

But I’ve switched to the classic ui and with the sitemap it now works.