Z-Wave Dimmer witch one works best?

Hello guys, witch one runs more stable? gonna run low Wattege leds on the dimmer the Fibaro dimmer need an extra accessory.

Qubino Mini Dimmer (ZMNHHD1)
Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212)
Aeotec Nano Dimmer (ZW111)

Without stating where in the world you are located, it is difficult to give suggestions. Z-Wave device availability varies by world region. For instance, the brand I like is only for US & Canada.

I kinda like the aeotec ones, I have 15… EU version :blush: have little experience with fibaro or qubino though.

Though I dislike fibaro because you need a fibaro controller to update fw - AFAIK.

/Chris :slight_smile:

I have Qubino and Fibaro, both are fine. The Fibaro allows for lower brightness percentages.
When you have LEDs you are better off using a LED controller such as FGRGBW.

Going to run 3xGU10 5W dim to warm 220v leds per dimmer, so then the Fibaro with the bypass module is the right way to go?
Want to avoid that flickering from the LED when you dim it down to 1-10%

Do have 3x Philips 3.8W Gu10 (ean 8718699774233) with a fibaro dimmer 2. Tried both with and without bypass and didn’t saw the difference. So connected without bypass.

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You cannot with dimmers. Get a LED controller or you will be disappointed by the result.
What the Fibaro does is to automatically determine the working range.
So when you set it to 1% that is not 1% of maximum brightness, depending on the bulb you attach.
That just doesn’t work for technical reasons how AC dimmers work.

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