Z-wave does not initialize after update to 3.3M2


just updated my Openhabian Raspberry (on Buster) to 3.3.0M2.
Since then I cannot bring my z-wave things online (which is the majority of my system).

In the UI it says “ERROR:BRIDGE”.

I have enabled DEBUG for the binding but I do not understand the output.

It’s also a bit comprehensive to paste here. Need to check where I can provide it.

openhab.log incl. debug could be downloaded here:

I do not know if this is related, but there is a debug file in the post that could be used for comparison. I do not have experience reading this part of the file either.


Looks similar indeed. But no real solution besides downgrading.

I have the same problem, after upgrading to 3.3 M2 most of my Z-Wave things are not initialized anymore.

Check out my post here if it is not the controller. Or here if it is the controller. It is likely the strict validation and may require DB update(s)