Z-wave Energy Meters

Just curious about the counters on these replays (fibaro and aeotec).

They both have kwh meters, amps, volts and watts.

Are they values at a point in time meters, or do they accumulate? Ie if I wanted to push the values into influx, what makes the most sense to sum for usage, I’d assume the kwh, but hoping that’s not an accumulation meter.

For my meters (Aeotec and Vision/Monoprice), kWh is cumulative and the others values are instantaneous for the time at which it is reported. There is a parameter to reset the kWh, so it could be reset at a chosen interval.

hmm so to record current usage, that would mean I should take watts and calculate converting that to kWh to see usage over time

Or create an item and rule to log the deltas of kWh. I keep monthly and yearly total usage, but have the raw data if I care to look at daily.

I have an item for kWh and use MySQL persistence to store that value every minute. Hmm. That seems a bit too frequent. Not sure why I did that, but I’ll probably change it to store less frequently.

I have a gen 1 aeotec (can’t say I recommend it).

It reports watts which is instantaneous like Scott describes. It also reports kWH which is cumulative. And there is a channel I can use to reset the kWH.

So I record the watts to see what times of day the most amount of power is drawn, but use the kWH channel to calculate what my power will is going to be. At the end of the billing month, I call the switch to reset the kWH to zero and start recording the next month’s cumulative usage.