Z-wave Fakro roof window roller shutter position


I’ve Fakro roller shutters ARZ Z-Wave and ZME_UZB1 stick. I can operate RollerShutter from OH. But RS dosen’t report actual position. Is it possible to get right positon of RS? I recive only two state 100 or 0 independently of real rollershutter position. A command sendCommand(ZwaveShutterBathroom, 45) is not working.

My configuration:

Rollershutter	ZwaveShutterBathroom	"Bathroom	[(%d)]"	<rollershutter>	(RollerShutter)		{zwave="3:invert_state=false" } 


 Switch item=ZwaveShutterBathroom label="Bathroom [(%d)]" mappings=[UP="∧", STOP="X", DOWN="∨"]

My node xml file:

HABmin screenshot:

[zwave] Fakro ARZ Z-Wave added to the database.