Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor <v2.8 Seismic Intensity


I have four FGMS-001 (Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen1) with firmware version 2.6 (type ID 8000:1001).

With OH1 I was able to get the vibration/seismic intensity.
However, I cannot see a channel for that in OH2.

In other posts I have seen that FGMS-001 with firmware versions newer than 2.8 have a seismic_intensity channel. In fact, the way the motion data is collected is completely different: ¿?¿?¿?


However, this seismic_intensity channel does not seems to exist with <2.8 versions:


Of course, this explains why if I use the seismic_intensity channel, I get no data at all.

Is it possible to fix this?
Is there something that I could do to incorporate this functionality that I already had in OH1.

In addition, I would like to know if I could know if a Z-Wave is dead.
I also had this possibility in OH1 with:


but now it’s missing.

After almost a year, I have only a few things left to complete the migration from OH1 to OH2. These are two of the unresolved issues.

I have to say that the migration was much more complicated than I expected.

Thanks in advance.