Z-wave Fibaro RGBW and parameter 72


Having openHAB2 (2.1.0)
I have installed a Fibaro RGBW controller and would like to have the default programs triggered (parameter 72).

Do you have any working example to share of “scene_number_param72” and a selection of program?

/ Joacim

It’s a separate channel just like the others are. Map it to a Number item.

But how do you actually trigger It? RGBItem_scene_number_param72.sendCommand(2) doesn’t work at all

It works triggered via sitemap entry and should work using sendCommand(), too.

However the programs you can actually trigger have the numbers 6 to 10 (and 1 is “OFF”), so try those numbers.

It works!! Thanks a lot. You won’t believe it, but I tried 1 to 5 and as non worked I didn’t think of trying more, so I gave up.

Do you know why are 6 to 10, is there any description on what are they? (10 is police and 8 is rainbow, but the others are strange)

6=fireplace,7=storm,9=aurora, it’s somewhere in the Fibaro manual.

It is not. At least in the one that is currently in the web. Never mind. Was only curiosity, as the only one I really need is Rainbow to be able to select a color via wall momentary switch (holding it) so it completes the single click scene selection (preset colors)

Again, thanks!