Z-Wave Fibaro roller shutter 3 FGR223 HANDLER_CONFIGURATION_PENDING on 3.3.0.M7

After upgrading from 3.3.0.M6 to 3.3.0.M7 the FGR223 didn’t work.

The thing is UNINITIALIZED with this error:
{config_duration=Il valore non deve essere maggiore di 254.}

I have tried to search the duration parameter, even in advanced, without success.
I have other Fibaro zwave control and that worked well (FGS223 Double Switch 2 and FGWP102 Metered Wall Plug Switch)
I have tried to downgrade to 3.3.0.M6 and all my zwave things is missed and I have to readd them

I can add more info and a workaround.
I upgraded from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0.M7
I have 2 devices that use rollershutter: CSZ1, RSZ1.
After restarting, same problem as you on both as defined by:

{config_duration=The value must not be greater than 254.}

1st workaround:
Simply delete the thing, rescan for the thing, and problem goes away temporarily. But, if you restart, it comes back.

2nd workaround:
in directory: userdata/jsondb
edit file org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json
and change every occurrence of
“config_duration”: 255,
to be
“config_duration”: 254,

restart. no errors. and it survives future restarts.

I see a much longer discussion over here. It appears to have a fix in the works and a way to do the workaround from the UI. (Settings, Things, Channels, Blinds_Control, Configure Channel, Step Duration=254, Done. Save)

Thank’s for the info, I’ve fixed installing the latest snapshot