[Z-Wave] Fibaro Swipe incorrect channels

I see reports from a couple of posts that this should have 3 channels, however it’s only loading 2. Seem to missing the one to tell how long a gesture was carried out for (circular for instance),
Is there anyone else using the device at all… the last posts were in 2016 so wouldn’t have thought it would be missing now.

Many times vendors add features with newer firmware releases requiring us to have new device database entries… A vendor (Zooz) just shipped us 2 newer firmware switches so we could add support for new features. That is the exception though.

Here is the database guide on how to add a new entry.


I’ve just had a play about, I’m not sure if it’s was changed deliberately, don’t know where / how to check so if someone with a swipe could confirm.
On start of the gesture scene changes to x.2, then on stop it changes to x.1, so it may have been depreciated.

Make sure you have parameter 10 set to 63.


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I have :+1:
First thing I did was go through the parameters

Actually it only has one channel for swiping: scene_number

So you need to find out the different scene numbers for different swipes and use them in rules.

Edit: page 11 of the manual lists them:

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@sihui not according to this:

Fibaro swipe support in the future?

As you need to be able to use the length of the circular motions etc. Which is possible now as it adds a .1 for stop and .2 for start to the scene number, hence why I believe the third channel is depreciated

What does your xml tell about missing channels?