Z-Wave green device with no neighbors

Still getting up to speed with Z-Wave on openhab, I noticed that I have a few devices that if I look in habmin show no neighbors. The devices are green and seam to work fine, but this lack of neighbors concerned me. Is there a way to update that?

Do you only have battery operated devices? Maybe then they talk to the controller directly if they are close enough.
My mains powered devices all have a couple of neighbors, mostly other mains powered devices.

And: I have not a single device without a neighbor (sorry) …

One is a battery powered device, but its one of the farthest from the controller and right next to other devices that I would suspect would be neighbors. The other thing that is odd is even tho it shows no neighbors, if I go to network tab and look at the big circle it shows some lines to other nodes, but if I click on that segment they don’t turn green.

Since three days I have a red node which works fine (and has four neighbors …).
So as long as it works I would not worry :sunglasses:

In OH2, I have Green nodes that hasn’t been powered for month’s, and red nodes that are working, and unconnected nodes that are also working. I don’t trust that neighbour list at all. :slight_smile:

OH2 is COMPLETELY different to OH1 - the colours mean totally different things so please don’t try and compare them.