Z-wave heating control with Somfy Tahoma

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I’m new to the community, so I’d appreciate it if you’d go easy on me. :wink:
I have not found any solution to my problem so far, neither by googling nor by forum search, so my best bet is this post.

After running OH2 for some time now, and being able to control quite a couple of things from different vendors (MiLight, Xiaomi, AVM, TP-Link etc.), I have been on the quick side of ordering heating control from Somfy, but unfortunately on the very slow side of reading the binding’s readme.

I have installed https://github.com/octa22/openhab2-addons/tree/somfytahoma-binding/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.somfytahoma, which is running fine as per being able to control the roller shutters as well as the blinds.

As the readme states, heating control is not an option. At least not for the moment.
The things are recognized as “unknown device” and therefor not bindable.
Comparing with other things, the device ID is missing, which seems not to be sent by the tahoma bridge.

So I’m looking for a way how to include the heating control actors which are actually Danfoss LC-13 Z and thought about using the USB Z-wave stick in a dedicated raspberry just for heating control. Would that be an option?
Or might it be possible to add heating control to the binding? How could I assist with that?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Sure, assuming it’s unmodified LC-13, they’re in the current binding’s database. You should be able to include them with any ZWave controller such as a RaZberry or Aeotec stick.
Heating control, i.e. when to instruct which device to start/stop heating or to change target temperature, is something completely different, though. That isn’t done in any binding. You would have to program it yourself using OH rules.

Hi @mstormi,

thank you very much for your reply.
So far I have used OH rules to switch on the light when sun elevation has reached a certain degree, or send a push notification when the dryer has finished. Is this what you mean with programming by rules? Or is there more to it?

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Yes, and you need to have an UI or some other mechanism to setup and change the heating times.

Not like Paper UI or Habpanel?

As far as I understand https://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zwave1/readme.html, together with the Aeotec stick - if the Somfy stick will not work - I would be able to configure my items regularly and be able to control them using the default GUIs.

Or am I getting something wrong?
I just want to make sure that I got it right.

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Read some more on the basics. PaperUI is for administration only. After initial config (things and items), you essentially wouldn’t need to use it any longer.
Manual changes such as to set a target temperature will be through either BasicUI, ClassicUI or Habpanel.
Automated changes through rules.

Thank you for clarifying this. That’s what I meant: Paper UI to create the thing, Habpanel to control it.
I’ll give it a try.

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