Z-wave HEATIT Z-TRM3 Floor thermostat

Recently installed a HEATIT Z-TRM3 Floor thermostat and used the z-wave binding to link it to my openhab instance.

From the description it is not clear to me what the various channels actually represent. Looking at the values, I see different channels reporting the same value.

In general I don’t understand the difference between the channels that have a “1” at the end of their names and the ones who don’t.

In addition I would also like to understand the difference between temperature sensors 2, 3 and 4.

Can someone please explain / elaborate?

Thanks in advance.

Have you read the manual for the device? Those channels came from the device firmware. OH is just exposing them for you to utilize if you wish.

The manual from the database is here.

Yes, I did. Went through the manual several times (also in relation to the temperature setpoint issue that is discussed in another community string).

While the manual clearly describes the parameters (which I can change with the item), I was not able to map the channels to anything that clearly defines them.

I also did an extensive search in the community and on the Internet, but without results so far.

Hope someone can shed some light on this…thanks!

Jeroen, sometimes you just need to experiment a bit. I have a Fibaro RGBW LED controller that exposes some channels that seem to be identical. Some of these can be changed, the other equivalents cannot be changed.
In cases as these I define a sitemap just for that single thing, using all the channels that the binding offers and play with it. That way I find out / learn what is usable and what I can ignore. Based on that results I reduce my items files, leaving only availabe what I need.

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Well, yes… that’s what I am doing as well, but was hoping that the person who created the channel description could help and save me (and others who are using this) some significant time experimenting…

Having said this, meantime I have done some tests and think that:

  • temperature 2 = room temperature
  • temperature 3 = external sensor temperature
  • temperature 4 = floor sensor temperature

Can someone please confirm?

I am still in the dark on the channel items that end with “1” as they report the slightly different values in openhab compared with their counterparts while their descriptions on the openhab device page are identical. No idea on what parts of the thermostat they relate to or what they are used for…

That came from the xml file based on the firmware from the device so the vendor would have set that.

Sorry, but I guess I don’t understand your response… How does this help to solve my question?

That information came from the device vendor’s firmware. They are the ones that know what the channels do. The people who created the channel descriptions work for HEATIT.

Where can I find the xml file that was used as a foundation for the description?
Assuming that heatit created both the firmware and the xml file, I’ll then ask them to explain.

in the zwave folder of userdata is the xml file created by OH from your device.

Got it. Thanks.

As I wanted to understand what questions to ask to the vendor, I went again through all documentation: device manual, xml file, device description, zwave binding description and finally also the Heatit z-TRM3 registration in the zwave database.

What I learned is that the registration in the zwave database is actually inconsistent with the device manual:

  • The device manual indicates multi-channel command class support for 4 devices (thermostat, internal room sensor, external sensor and floor sensor) with each two association groups

  • The zwave database indicates 5 endpoints with the first two endpoints being identical in terms of the channels being addressed. On a separate tab, the zwave database also indicates 5 association groups that (according to the device manual) are used by the root device in situations without multi channel support.

So my conclusion is that the channel items that end with “1” are actually identical to their numberless counterparts. As they do not add any value, I recommend endpoint 1 to be removed from the database as well as the openhab device desciption page

Furthermore my earlier testresults for temperature 2, 3 and 4 are correct and hence I recommend to adjust their names in the database and on the openhab device description page to reflect what they measure (and avoid others to go through the same effort).

What’s the process for making these changes?

Perhaps there were changes with later firmware Manuals have alds been incorrect for other devices. Please post the xml file from your device.
There may need to be a new database entry for later firmware versions.

Here is the xml file. network_f3d8dbd1__node_4.xml (38.7 KB)

Currently I am using firmware 4.0, but that might change to resolve the issue not being able to change the temperature setpoint using zwave. This is discussed in a separate community string, with two potential solutions/workarounds:

  1. firmware update from heatit - not sure if this resolves this issue and might not be in zwave database
  2. by resolving the issue reported here: Thermostat Setpoint Set Command - Values send in bytes · Issue #1457 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave · GitHub

My plan is to keep the current firmware level in the hope and expectation that the reported issue gets picked up and resolved soon… unfortunately this goes beyond my current know-how of how openhab works in more detail…

Anyway, I still think the second endpoint should be structurally removed from the zwave database / xml file as there is no clear added value. I have already unlinked & unlinked the “1” channel items and will not use them anymore :-).

Hi Jeoren,
As you already know by now, there have been issues discussed both on HeatIt TRM2fx and TRM3. I have 3 TRM2fx units running with a question mark, because I do not fully trust the firmware, as there are commands not working properly (ex. ON/OFF). I also have one TRM3 Ver. 2020-A sitting on the shelf until I learn that it works perfectly well with Firmware xxx on OH2.5.x or 3.x. At that point my plan is to replace my TRM2fx units with TRM3. So, please keep us posted on your findings and decisions (database change). Would be of great help.

Just bought myself some time with a workaround that uses float values instead of rounded integers. To be more specific I use a knob in habpanel that starts at 15.1 with intervals of 0.5… It’s not perfect, but it works for now :slight_smile:

I don’t have an issue in changing the thermostat mode between OFF and HEAT.

Separately I have also contacted Heatit to check if they have made progress in developing a structural solution as I assume they would like their products to be used more broadly… will keep you posted.

Good news. My temperature setpoint issue has been resolved. Heatit recommended to either move to zwave.js (which I don’t think is an option in openhab) or do a firmware update of the TRM3. Since the issue treported in Github (see my earlier messag) doesn’t seem to move, I took the “risk” of applying the recommended firmware update. With a positive result as the temperature setpoint is now working as expected. Case closed :-).

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Just a quick one:
Is the working firmware version the 2020-C, or is there a newer one?

It’s the 2020-C.

Hi, does anyone know where to get the 2020-c firmware (or later)? I did not find anything on the heatit homepage, and they do not reply to my mails.

Thanks in advance!

Same problem here, Openhab 3.4.2. Multiple channels with and without _1. The setpoint can be updated but it doesn’t update the device. If I manually change setpoint on device _1 channel updates directly, and the !_1 updates with lower frequency. Same behaviour for kWh. I try to update with even numbers, but not working. Neither postUpdate(“23°C”) or postUpdate(23|°C).