Z-Wave Inclusion Remote

I moved over to openHAB from LMCE with a network of about 30-devices controlled by a Aeon USB Z-stick. On LMCE I added devices using my Aeon mini-mote as an inclusion controller. Now I’m starting to add more devices I’m having trouble adding them with the minimote. Does openHAB not support the minimote for inclusion mode? My understanding is that using the minimote as the inclusion controller helped the network paths be better defined. If the minimote doesn’t work for inclusion am I risking having a network that doesn’t communicate well.

I’m also considering removing all devices from the network and re-adding all of them since I’ve done a lot of playing around over the years and I have gaps or devices that are no longer present. Any reason why I should or should not do this. To be honest is mostly a desire to get everything sequential again. I guess I’m a little OCD.

Thank you,

Can I use the mini-mote as a controller to add/remove devices or should I be putting Habmin in include mode? I’m on v1.7 with habmin 1.

I also have a few nodes that I want to delete but habmin doesn’t appear to let me remove a dead node. I actually have a few old z-wave devices that malfunctioned and cannot remove them through Edclude.

Will upgrading at this point help me clean up my Z-wave network?