Z-Wave Intermatic Multiwave Pool Control

Hello Everyone,

I have a Intermatic Multiwave Pool Control for my hot tub. Recently, I had to replace the controller on it. Since I have been working on getting some of my other devices up and running on OpenHab, I thought this one would be simple. Boy, was I wrong.

Turns out that Intermatic really doesn’t like supporting this thing and that the documentation behind it is a bit sketchy. As a past Vera user, I am familiar with the history of this device and as a semi-professional Java coder, I think I can tackle getting this to work in the Z-Wave binding.

I am basically going to follow the paths of SmartThings given in this post:

Which resulted in this plug-in:

I have the thing properly included in my Z-Wave network and both the PE653 and PE953 are working correctly (the PE953 is currently registered as a secondary controller).

The help I need is two-fold:

  1. This thing uses alot of non-standard and non-published endpoints. I am wondering what the best way to approach building the xml file is…I am thinking that I will do a basic include of just the minimal stuff to get the node brought in and then manually edit the resulting XML file for the unpublished stuff. Right now, a zwave xml file is not being generated. Does this make sense, or is there another approach? Keep in mind that I have the IDE all setup and can compile my own jars (or test in the IDE) easily.

  2. Is there anyone else that has this thing and would be interested in this work? If so, would you be willing to help test anything I make?



I went ahead and submitted the default XML that is generated so I can test in my IDE. I can test the proprietary features from there.

Okay, I have made some progress, but I need some help with someone more knowledgeable of how the Zwave binding works and, honestly, Zwave in general. I am hoping Chris can jump in…

Here is my set-up:

I am using a AeoTec Gen 5 stick with Openhab 2.5 latest running in Eclipse. I also have a the Z-Wave Controller app from Silicon Labs running so I can manually execute and check responses.

I have had Openhab create a xml file and then uploaded it to Chris’s database. I made some modifications to the database per the SmartThings repo that I then checked against the controller utility and they all worked.

I then downloaded the thing.xml from the database and placed it in my local zwave plugin under Eclipse and then started it up where the new PE953 was properly recognized and added to the inbox with all of my things.

Where I am stuck now is that the device is taking a really long to initialize. It seems that as it goes through the classes, it is coming through each endpoint on a COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL and trying to run a MULTI_CHANNEL_ENCAP on it. The problem is, it doesn’t seem the device (PE653) supports this command, so while the controller ACKs, there is never any response. This causes the plugin to wait around for awhile and then after a timeout, try the command again. Looks like it tries this 7-8 times then gives up and moves on. The problem is that it’s taking about 30 minutes per endpoint…which is 2.5 hours on this device (5 endpoints).

I will send the log to anyone that asks (too large to upload and don’t want to generally share)…the Node is 33. Happy to listen to any suggestion or get any help…



@chris or anyone else…any suggestions?

Please provide the debug logfile so we can see where it is getting stuck.

If it supports multi channels (ie multiple endpoints) then it must support this command class as it is the only way to access multiple channels or endpoints.

I will PM you a link to the log. As I mentioned above, it’s too large to post and I don’t want to generally share it.

However, I am telling you that the PE653 doesn’t support MULTI_CHANNEL_ENCAP. It will support other functions in the COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL class, but just not that one.

But if you can share it generally, then others can also help you which will be beneficial to you…

I will try to take a look over the weekend though.

@chris any progress?