Z Wave invert state on switch?

i´ve been scratching my head and searching the web for 4 hours now

i am desperate for help

i have a fibaro 2xrelay switch mounted on my water pipe heated floor system, NOW! when i send switch command to ON, the magnet switch on the heating system CLOSES

i need to reverse so ON = OFF, OFF=ON

i´ve tried (invert_state=true) but that only works on multilevel switch command witch doesn’t works on my device

i guess i have to make a RULE for that but don´t know how

You can create a rule with a Proxy Item.

// Items

Switch fibaroSwitch {binding stuff}
Switch ProxyFibaroSwith "nice label for sitemap" <icon> // no binding

// Rule

rule "Send command to Fibaro"
    Item ProxyFibaroSwitch received command
    if(ProxyFibaroSwitch.state == ON) fibaroSwitch.sendCommand(OFF) else fibaroSwitch.sendCommand(ON)
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What about using mappings=[0=“ON”, 1=“OFF”] in the sitemap, when you add the Switch item?

but sent the relay to a continuous loop
just deleted the code after ELSE then it worked

but now i need it to show correct switch status, and by correct i mean opposite

never done mappings before could you float me some code :wink:

this is the switch

Switch Garagevarme1 “Off/On” (Temperatur) { zwave=“4:1:command=switch_binary”}

Try this in your sitemap

Switch item=Garagevarme1 label="your label here" mappings=[0="ON", 1="OFF"]

Thanks a lot

now i can go to sleep… its 04:12

It wont work without the else. Something else is wrong. Are you sure the
proxy item has no binding? I. E. No curly brackets.

Are you sure you copied it just as it appears: triggered by the proxy,
only send command to the item with the binding?

Please post your items and rule.