Z-Wave issue with 2.4.0 Release Build (Paper UI)

I have been using the z-wave binding since 2.2 and haven’t had any issues. I recently upgraded to 2.4 and when I try to add a zwave device in the Paper-UI, it asks me to select the channel (which I have done previously). Once I set the channel, all of the previous configured zwave channels become offline and I have to delete all of the old devices and reconfigure my entire network. Is there a work around for this?

Thanks in advance.

Also, when I look at the things in the Paper-UI, my old Z-Wave Serial Controller is offline with a Communication_Error. There is a new Z-Wave Serial Controller that is online.

This problem is intermittent, it doesn’t happen every time I attempt to add a new device. It usually waits until I have about 30 devices loaded and the system is working really well and I go to add another device and boom - I need to reload and reconfigure all of my zwave things.

This sounds like you are manually adding a controller Thing, which will cause the problems you are describing…


New zwave devices are added by starting discovery for the zwave binding, then putting the device into inclusion mode. There is no prompt for a Channel, but when you create a controller, you will need to fill in a ThingID.

So it seems that intermittently The Z-Waver Serial Controller is losing its Port Configuration. This just happened to me (independent of adding new devices) . So I guess I can fix the issue if it occurs in the future by going into the Thing configuration and fixing the Port Configuration. As long as I don’t attempt to fix the configuration from the inbox, I’m probably fine.

It appears that the OpenHab2 Z-Wave binding is losing the port configuration whenever I restart OpenHab2 (Version 2.4). I am running on CentOS 7. Whenever I restart OpenHab2, I need to reset the port in the binding configuration for the Z-Wave Serial Controller. Once I do this, all the Z-Wave devices come on-line and things work correctly. I suppose there can be an issue with the fact that I haven’t configured persistence, which is on the list. However, my confusion stems from the fact that this worked fine until I upgraded to version 2.4.