Z-Wave Items not bound to the correct Thing? - sitemap controls fail

I am running OpenHAB 2 on a Mac Mini. I have a Aeon Z-Stick (series 2) plugged in to control 2 Aeon Smart Switch 6 outlets.

I installed the Z-Wave binding in the Paper UI. The stick and the 2 switches popped up in the Inbox and I could successfully add them all as Things, At this point, if I open the OpenHAB app on my iPad and browse to the “Home” display, the 2 switches are shown in the list of Things (node 2 and 3). Clicking through to the details for each switch I have a switch control which successfully switches the outlet on and off. There are also text displays for consumption, power, amps, volts etc…

This gives me a sense the binding is OK, the Things are configured and everything is talking as it should.

I created a series of Items for each smart switch by pinching the syntax directly from the z-Wave binding doco page - namely

Switch Smart6         "Smart6 outlet"                   (ff,ALL,outlet)  {zwave="6:command=switch_binary" }
Number Smart6_Power   "Smart6 power  [%.2f W]"          (ALL,power)     {zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_W" }
Number Smart6_Energy  "Smart6 consumption  [%.2f KWh]"  (ALL,power)     {zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_KWh" }
Number Smart6_Volts   "Smart6 voltage [%.2f V]"         (ALL,power)      {zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_V"}
Number Smart6_Amps    "Smart6 amperage [%.2f A]"        (ALL,power)      {zwave="6:command=meter,meter_scale=E_A"}

The only change I made was to update the node ID to 2 and to change the item name and description to LampLiving Room and “Lamp Living Room” respectively.

I updated my default sitemap to have a switch item and some text items referencing the item definitions. The switch on my default sitemap does not turn the switch on or off. In the logs I see the item is called and the status changed from off to on and that is all. If I use the switch on the Things lists, I see a bunch of communications across the z-wave interfaces.

It seems my item definitions aren’t bound to the Thing correctly. But the syntax is pretty simple - {zwave=“2:command=SWITCH_BINARY” }. I can’t pick the error but I may be missing the blindingly obvious…

Poking around in HABmin as part of my troubleshooting also got me confused. On the plus side, in the Z-Wave network viewer I see the controller as Node 1 and two neighbour nodes 2 and 3. But in the Config… Items page I can see the smart switch items I defined in my items text file. There is also a bunch of items in the list that seem to have been created automatically by the addition of the Things in the Paper UI? I was under the impression I needed to define the items in the text config file?

The automatically created items are named consistent with the channel description on the Things in the Paper UI. I tried updating the item definitions in the text file to use these channel descriptors but the colons in the channel name break the syntax of the item definition. Now I am starting to think I am wrong or confused about the relationship between Things, Channels and Items…

I would dearly appreciate any assistance in understanding why the items and sitemap controls aren’t switching my outlets successfully? I hope I have not been too verbose in describing howI got to where I am…

Your item definitions are using the OH1 format. You say you’re using OH2 - if this is using the OH2 ZWave binding then these definitions will not work. I guess this probably explains the problem.

Thanks for the clarification Chris. I did notice there are 2 z-wave bindings pages. One had the more explicit detail about item syntax so I followed that and maybe didn’t pick up it was for OH1.

I’m definitely using OH2. I have updated my sitemap to reference the item name I am seeing in HABmin for the auto created items. The outlets are now switching using those controls and I can see values for the corresponding meters. So all good!

As an aside, I turned on the simple mode for item linking when following the getting started tutorial. After flipping that back off I can now see the Items under Configuration in the Paper UI. It looks like I don’t need the textually configured items for the z-wave devices at all.

That’s correct. For 2.x bindings you can choose between automatic discovery and textual config.